Little Ellie Boutique – Tips and Tricks for including your furry friend on your big day!

When it comes to your wedding day, it's natural to want all your loved ones present to celebrate with you. For many pet owners, this means having their furry friends by their side as they tie the knot. If you're considering including your dog/s in your big day, here are some important dos and don'ts to keep in mind.

Do: Start with a Plan

Before you start buying cute doggie bowties, take some time to plan out how you'll involve your pet in your wedding. Consider your venue, the size of your dog, and how they tend to behave in crowds. Will your pet be able to handle the commotion and excitement of the day? If not, consider other ways to include them, such as having them take part in pre/post-wedding photos. Any excuse to wear your dress again is a good one – right?!

Make sure everyone knows the plan and your designated doggy sitter is aware of when the dogs are to enter and where. It is very handy to ask someone that knows your dogs personally, so that they can be aware of any social cues your pup has for potty, anxiety or reactivity.

Don't: Forget the Logistics

From feeding and walking to transport and accommodation, it's important to think through the logistics of having your dog at your wedding. Make sure you have a designated pet-sitter who can handle their needs throughout the day. The last thing you need to worry about is wondering who has the dog/s instead of focusing on yourself. Designate someone reliable, make sure they have the plan for the day so that you can relax and enjoy the best day of your life. Also, please make sure to check with your venue to ensure they are pet-friendly and aware of your plans!

Do: Include Them in a Meaningful Way

Whether it's having your dog walk down the aisle or being present during your vows, there are many ways to involve your pet in your ceremony. Consider how you can include them in a way that feels meaningful to you both. You might even have your pet wear a special outfit or accessory that complements your wedding style. We have styling tips for that below… of course!!

Don't: Sacrifice Your Pet's Comfort

As much as you want your dog to be a part of your special day, it's important to prioritize their comfort and well-being. If they seem overwhelmed or anxious, it's best to give them a break or remove them from the situation altogether. Having a designated pet sitter is ideal for any situations that may arise. After your ceremony keep in mind your dog will be much happier at home with their favourite toy and treat than they would be trying to navigate a chaotic wedding reception.

Including your dog in your wedding day can be a fun and memorable way to celebrate your love. With some careful planning and consideration, you can make sure that everyone- furry friends included- has a wonderful time.

Styling Tips: Dress to Impress!

You didn’t skimp out on flowers, rings or your dress! So why should your dog have to wear something boring from a dollar store! Little Ellie has you covered with a LUXE range of pet accessories styled specifically for weddings and events. Our range features corduroy and velvet textures complimented by rose gold hardware to create a unique boujee look for your dog. Match your furry friend’s outfit in with your aesthetic by picking complimenting colours to your flowers, venue, bridesmaids dresses or even the men’s suits! (Make sure your designated pet sitter for your day knows how you want them dressed so that you can avoid any styling mishaps). Check out our styled images below to get a feel for how to accessorize. Custom orders are accepted depending on timeframe and budget.