Leave-in Conditioner
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Leave-in Conditioner

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Best Australian Made DOG CONDITIONER

Underwater DOGS present a professional salon formulated CONDITIONER made specifically for dogs. Soap-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, naturally moisturising and containing unique blends of pH balanced ingredients adding softness and shine to every coat.
Born from a love & passion of global professional human haircare, Underwater Dogs is a salon professional range adored by groomers and customers alike. Naturally soothing, moisturising and deliciously fragranced with coconut, Underwater Dogs CONDITIONER uses a unique blend of superior ingredients that condition and revitalise every coat. Creating protective barriers that retain moisture, our Conditioner is designed for comb-ability and reduces irritation in those with ‘dry and sensitive’ skin, leaving coats softer than ever before.

Condition my dog, are you serious Dog?
No matter how good your dog haircare products claim to be, shampooing means washing away dirt and grime, and this process naturally takes some of the hair and skin’s natural moisture balance with it. Using a professionally formulated pH balanced shampoo like Underwater Dogs will do everything possible to protect and enrich your dog’s hair and skin. But conditioning is the finishing touch.

Whilst shampooing, the hair shaft opens up to allow cleansing agents to wash away grime. Once the conditioning agent is massaged through, the hair shaft will close, capturing and locking in moisture.

How do I condition my dog’s coat? 
You have options when it comes to conditioning your dog. You may condition when wet, massaging all over into all the nooks and crannies OR, you may towel dry and condition semi-wet. You may rinse off completely OR, you may choose to leave your Conditioner on (this is awesome for those who have allergies or dry, itchy skin sensitivities).

Underwater Dogs formula is versatile and will not leave the fur heavy or lack-lustre and we promise there'll be no product build-up. There are no set rules here, it's up to your dog's needs, but once the conditioner meets the skin & hair shaft it will lock in moisture. Massaging the conditioner into your buddy’s skin is the ultimate feel-good moment for your dog. Your special guy is guaranteed to smell like a coconut…and be oh-so-soft!
So play with it, and find out what best suits them. Proudly Made in Australia🇦🇺
Product Description provided from UW Dogs Website